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V-Neck T-Shirt & Hanger Mockup

V-Neck T-Shirt & Hanger Mockup

Looking for a classic v-neck t-shirt mockup? Look no further! This one is a little more unusual, but we quite like the style it shows off with a wooden hanger and brick wall. It puts your t-shirt design in a fairly unique setting, rather than just an isolated design / model.

It has a fairly broad, flowing v-neck. You can change the design on the front of the shirt, and also customise the label showing at the top of the t-shirt. A nice touch! Of course, it’s simple to change the background pattern or colour, if you’d prefer not to have the brick texture.

Why Choose This Mockup?

If you’re looking to showcase your t-shirt design on a hanger, this one’s a good bet. Don’t be put off by the brick background. If that isn’t your thing, it’s easy to change.

DimensionsDownload SizePrice
2600 x 4000px66MBFree

How to Use This Mockup

This t-shirt hanger mockup is provided as a PSD with a smart layer. All you need to do is:

  • Download the PSD
  • Open it in Photoshop
  • Double-click the Smart Layer
  • Paste in your screenshot, and Save

You should then have the perfect mockup for your next project, ready to export as a compressed JPEG or PNG and use as you need to!

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