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Modern Book & Bookshelf Mockup

This book mockup is shown resting on a modern bookshelf. Sure, in reality, you’d have a stack of books on this shelf. But this isn’t reality! It’s a beautiful and modern way to show off your latest book cover design. It’s a...

High Fashion Poster Mockup

A delightfully high-end, fashionable mockup for a poster or artwork design. This one looks like it’d be right at home in a penthouse apartment, showing off a beautiful graphic design piece. It’s a black-framed poster design, surrounded...

Book on Bookshelf Mockup

Book on Bookshelf Mockup

A slightly different way to present your book, this is a mockup of a book being picked from a bookshelf. You can upload your own cover design, to show your design in a real-life setting. The book could be either a hard-cover or soft-cover, so...