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Curled Portrait Flyer Mockup

This flyer mockup takes a double-sided / side-by-side approach, with two 4×6 flyers next to each other. A great way to either feature two designs, or the front and back of one design. The flyers are 3D rendered, against a simple two-background...

Curled Notepad & Pencil Mockup

This is a beautiful notepad mockup PSD, for showcasing your poster design, graphic, or typographic illustration. It’s simple to replace the placeholder with any illustration or design of your own. The poster has a curled edge, and is shown on...

Curled US Flyer Mockup

Curled US Flyer Mockup

A single one-page flyer, set in a “floating” scenario, as though it’s being dropped onto a table. It’s curled at the edges, giving a feel of depth and movement. It’s easy to add your own design to the flyer, and...