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Night Billboard Mockup PSD

Night Billboard Mockup PSD

Some billboards look great in the day, others at night. This billboard mockup shows what your design would look like in a dark, night-time setting with a long exposure showing streaks of light in the background.

The billboard itself has a modern, stylish design. And it’s created to make your mockup look like it’s illuminated from behind. No dingy design work here, thank you!

Why Choose This Mockup?

It’s a good way to show a road-side view of your design, and present a billboard in a realistic night-time setting.

Dimensions Download Size Price
3000 x 2000px 7MB Free

How to Use This Mockup

This night-time billboard mockup is provided as a PSD with a smart layer. All you need to do is:

  • Download the PSD
  • Open it in Photoshop
  • Double-click the Smart Layer
  • Paste in your screenshot, and Save

You should then have the perfect mockup for your next project, ready to export as a compressed JPEG or PNG and use as you need to!

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