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iMac & Wooden Desk Mockup


A realistic (3D rendered) iMac mockup, with a wooden desk, chair, desktop computer accessories, and a plant in the foreground to add depth and perspective. It’s a super-realistic setting for a mockup — not a clinical, isolated graphic — so perfect for showing a real-life use-case/setting.

Why Choose This Mockup?

Does anyone have this clean a desk? Maybe. That’s not the point… The desk in this one has more of an antique/mahogany feel, which is a bit different to the usual light-wood desk in these mockups.

The smart layer is perfectly positioned to make it easy to add in your own realistic screenshot, app, or photo. Mocka, who made this mockup, do a great job with this!

Dimensions Download Size Price
3600 x 2400px 55MB Free

How to Use This Mockup

This iMac desk mockup is provided as a PSD with a smart layer. All you need to do is:

  • Download the PSD
  • Open it in Photoshop
  • Double-click the Smart Layer
  • Paste in your screenshot, and Save

You should then have the perfect mockup for your next project, ready to export as a compressed JPEG or PNG and use as you need to!

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